15. Firework Theory

Tomb raider

Tomb raider

Just in time for Independence Day, we give you some hints to help keep your pup happy while the bombs are a-bursting in air (that's fireworks suggestions for you folks not in the U.S.)

Plus your pet questions:
How do I know if my dog is panting, or smiling?
Building trust in a dog with a checkered past.
Intro to muzzles.
And a special breakfast question!

Plus, we talk about the dogs leading the search for Amelia Earhart, take a brief foray into piglet cognition, and review some tips for photographing birds and bats.

14. Circuit Theory

The Eel's Electrifying Embrace

The Eel's Electrifying Embrace

New this week!

What to do about a gerbil on the loose! A cat using the bathroom, but not how you want.

Oh, and how do I get these birds to stop attacking my dog?!

Plus, we'll take a walk through Boston history, drug-sniffing dogs, and eel movements.


Suggested Links:
Check out the Kismet Podcast to hear more about Jasper, our visitor this week (it's toute cute.)

We also mentioned the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, which is an incredibly useful resource. If you eat seafood, you really ought to give them a look.