59. Puppy Bail Theory

I gotta admit, I like that chair.

I gotta admit, I like that chair.

We’re back and as full of news for your pets as ever! We appreciate your patience. Now on to the animals!

We make up for missing an episode with a bunch of news. To start, there’s another dog food recall, so be sure to check if your food is on the list.

In some better news out of the FDA, there’s a new drug approved to help treat dogs with anxiety.

And a report out of the UK shows that Breed Specific Legislation caused the deaths of hundreds on innocent dogs. (The picture on that story doesn’t really do much to help the problem, does it?)

Finally, Florida is trying to figure out what to do with all those greyhounds we mentioned last episode, and an Ikea in Italy is really taking the Christmas spirit to heart and allowing stray dogs to hang out in the store and on the furniture. Yes, there’s a video too.

And your questions!

  • My dog has dry skin, do I need to buy the fancy products from the vet?

  • My pet doesn’t know it’s the holidays, don’t buy her my gifts!

And how to secure your Christmas tree to make sure the cat won’t take it down.