16. Allergy Theory

  Lion around.

Lion around.

In this week's episode:

We hear about a cheetah's best friend (here's a great video of them in the snow!), a doggy search party turning into a sausage party, and of course, will my pet eat my face when I die? 

Plus, we answer your questions:

How do you tell a client they're wrong? We recommend some hypoallergenic pets . . . And is Efrem allergic to lions—and ruining Eve's dreams of living like Tippi Hedren? 

All this and funny bird-sounds!

15. Firework Theory

  Tomb raider

Tomb raider

Just in time for Independence Day, we give you some hints to help keep your pup happy while the bombs are a-bursting in air (that's fireworks suggestions for you folks not in the U.S.)

Plus your pet questions:
How do I know if my dog is panting, or smiling?
Building trust in a dog with a checkered past.
Intro to muzzles.
And a special breakfast question!

Plus, we talk about the dogs leading the search for Amelia Earhart, take a brief foray into piglet cognition, and review some tips for photographing birds and bats.

14. Circuit Theory

  The Eel's Electrifying Embrace

The Eel's Electrifying Embrace

New this week!

What to do about a gerbil on the loose! A cat using the bathroom, but not how you want.

Oh, and how do I get these birds to stop attacking my dog?!

Plus, we'll take a walk through Boston history, drug-sniffing dogs, and eel movements.


Suggested Links:
Check out the Kismet Podcast to hear more about Jasper, our visitor this week (it's toute cute.)

We also mentioned the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, which is an incredibly useful resource. If you eat seafood, you really ought to give them a look.


11. Theory of Movement

  Morkie Rothko

Morkie Rothko

In this week's episode!

We take on a real tough question — how do you move two cats from Indiana to Massachusetts? By car? With all your stuff?!

Plus, a listener asks what to do about a spoiled pup.

Meanwhile, we review a recent dog-curated art opening, and talk about an eerie cat-napping case out in California.

And Eve tells you how to solicit slobber-free kisses from your dog.





10. Introductory Theory

  "Once I realized that this horse has lots of stripes I had to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and I'm like, 'There is a zebra in my backyard."

"Once I realized that this horse has lots of stripes I had to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and I'm like, 'There is a zebra in my backyard."

In this week's episode! 

Do my cats like it when I leave music on for them? How do I introduce a new dog to a house full of cats? And how young is too young to get a pet? 

PLUS! — Zebra on the loose! And a new map shows where dogs and people are at risk for Lyme disease. (Spoiler Alert: It's everywhere.) 

And in Beyond Sit, we talk about how your syntax can affect the way your dog takes to training.

6. Mock Walk Theory

  The paws of greatness

The paws of greatness

In this episode:

We'll answer your questions — How can I help my nervous dog greet people on the street? And is my cat afraid of its scat?

Plus, we talk about a new organ chip replacing beagles in the lab. Toby, the record breaking Whippet of Canada (seriously you have to watch that video). And how it turns out the whole ocean has been aglow this whole time.

And Eve has some tips on teaching your dog how to shake paws.

Recommended Reading: Eve mentioned the book Feisty Fido this week, by Drs. Patricia McConnell & Karen London. Check it out!

4. Game Show Theory

 This dog's paws. They smell like the Fritos.

This dog's paws. They smell like the Fritos.

In this weeks' episode:
Horses who like blankets . . . except when they don't.

Dogs chasing rats chasing dogs..

Plus, joint custody of kittens, manners at the dog park—and why do my dog's toes smell like Fritos, anyways?

The Fritoaromas! How they taunt us!

And for this week's Beyond Sit, we pull a little New York-style street hustle on your pup. It's tricky.



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3. Germ Theory

 This guy knows a tool when he sees one.

This guy knows a tool when he sees one.

The soon-to-be-notorious "overflowing garbage can" episode.

For this week's Beyond Sit, Eve takes us through the incredibly useful Bell Trick.

And seriously, check out these tool-using crows they are amazing (The video is on the right rail of their site. Strongly recommended.)

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