34. Brain Soup Theory

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Oh Tigerbalm

Oh Tigerbalm

This episode is full of holiday knowledge!

  • How do I protect my cat and my Christmas tree?
  • How small can my new studio be for me and my greyhound?
  • And there's no shame in being a failed foster! 

Plus, a report from the FDA warns against giving your dog processed bone treats for Christmas. We discuss handler bias with police K-9s. And what you've all been waiting for — is dog brain soup smarter than cat brain soup

Finally, we teach our pets how to be Perching Pirate Parrots!

33. Colorblindness Theory

Better? Or worse?

Better? Or worse?

This week, we talk turkey—that is, what Thanksgiving foods your pets can and cannot eat.

Plus we take your questions—What's up with hissing cockroaches? Can I put a dog on a rotating schedule? And a deep dive into canine composting.

Plus in News For Dogs, we explore some shocking revelations about prehistoric dog owners,  some not-at-all shocking news about dog vision, and meet some highly intelligent squirrels.

29. Sitter Theory

"I'm smarter than some fictional crows!"

"I'm smarter than some fictional crows!"

This week we look into the truth behind one of Aesop's fables, this time with a raccoon. Look a video! 

And we have a follow-up on the now antibiotic resistant outbreak out of Petlands. 

Plus your questions about your pet sitters! Is he skimming minutes? Should I try to set her up with my sister? 

And Platform training! How it can help both your shy dog and your reactive dog. 

28. Genitalia Theory

News for Ducks!

News for Ducks!

Sorry for the delay, folks! It was a busy week of canning and family obligations, but we finally got #28 polished and edited for your listening pleasure. 

This week, we dive into . . . uh, never mind. You'll find out. Eve says "duck penis" a whole lot on this one.

In other news, we tackle self-awareness in dogs, and some marketing gone bad in England.

We also cover whether you should dye your pet's hair (sorry your question ended up on this episode, Sandy), and some canine calisthenics to keep your doggies trim!

26. Déjà Vu Theory

This week, Efrem caught whatever horrible funk Eve was hacking up all week, so it's time for our very first clip show! Featuring our favorite stories and questions from the first ten episodes:

  • Dogs driving cars
  • Horses learning to read
  • Award-winning whippets
  • "How much do I tip my groomer?"
  • "How can I get my neighbors to behave in the elevator?"
  • "Why do my dog's paws smell like corn chips?"

And a fan-favorite beyond sit.

We'll be back next week, so send us your questions and we'll answer them then . . . we promise!

25. Abbreviated Theory



Hey guys,

I got a head cold in between recording this weekend, so we've got a shortened episode this week. Luckily, we got News for Dogs in the can before my voice disappeared into my nasal cavity, so we got some great stories for you:

Wild dogs know how to vote
Pretty Boy Floyd on the loose (or How the Eclipse Really Did Affect One Animal's Behavior)! Fancy horses at JFK!
And how Zoo Miami preps their the animals ride out Hurricane Irma.

(You can donate to the Houston SPCA here, btw.)

Thanks for your patience! We'll be back with a full episode next week, so send in your questions. 


24. Virtual Theory

Flies love spheres and pyramids!

Flies love spheres and pyramids!

This week, we're back in the studio!

We talk about the environmental toll of all the meat our pets eat, and virtual reality for flies and fish!

Questions this week:
How do I know if my dog is showing me affection?
Can you take care of a dog with separation anxiety on a grad school schedule?

23. Sanctuary Theory

Please, don't feed the cougar

Please, don't feed the cougar

This week, in a very special episode, we sit down with the Senior Keeper of the Carolina Tiger Rescue and take a short audio tour of the sanctuary itself. 

Here are ways to get involved: 

Adopt-A-Cat program

Big Cat Dinner Club

Also, check out their Amazon Wish List , full of all sort of things from paper towels, to chain saws, to Axe body spray.

("We are out of Axe Body Spray! The ocelots and coatimundis love it!")

And make sure to come and visit our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to see our photos from the Sanctuary. 

20. Instagram Theory

The hoop! The hoop! The hoop is on fyah!

The hoop! The hoop! The hoop is on fyah!

Should my dog sitter post pictures online of my dogs? And why does my cat torture everything before it kills it? 

Also this week, we also look at a study that about the deep roots of emotion in our evolution and a team of cross-country runners takes shelter dogs out for a run. 

Plus, we follow up with Olive Oyl's circus skills!

In the lab... everyone can understand your scream! 

16. Allergy Theory

Lion around.

Lion around.

In this week's episode:

We hear about a cheetah's best friend (here's a great video of them in the snow!), a doggy search party turning into a sausage party, and of course, will my pet eat my face when I die? 

Plus, we answer your questions:

How do you tell a client they're wrong? We recommend some hypoallergenic pets . . . And is Efrem allergic to lions—and ruining Eve's dreams of living like Tippi Hedren? 

All this and funny bird-sounds!

15. Firework Theory

Tomb raider

Tomb raider

Just in time for Independence Day, we give you some hints to help keep your pup happy while the bombs are a-bursting in air (that's fireworks suggestions for you folks not in the U.S.)

Plus your pet questions:
How do I know if my dog is panting, or smiling?
Building trust in a dog with a checkered past.
Intro to muzzles.
And a special breakfast question!

Plus, we talk about the dogs leading the search for Amelia Earhart, take a brief foray into piglet cognition, and review some tips for photographing birds and bats.