64. Eminent Dogmain Theory

Greater Edda and Lesser Edda

Greater Edda and Lesser Edda

On episode 64 we bring you a shorter episode due to us both getting a horrible flu last week. But we had to bring you the story of Edda and the people of Ahlen town.

Plus Eve does give some tips on improving your young dog’s focus on their walks. So that way they stop walking into lampposts.

61. Dainty Towel Theory

Above: Tony “Eye Twitch” Hawk

Above: Tony “Eye Twitch” Hawk

Welcome to an all new episode talking about animal science that isn't happening because of the government shutdown in News for Dogs: from counts of humpback whales still happening in Hawaii without the help of NOAA, to wolves and moose not being counted because they can't get to Isle Royale, and even a baby brown pelican and owl can't get the health care that they need. 

Plus an organic pest control secret to one woman's Christmas tree, a Miracle Puppy!, and a study that looks into if gut bacteria can be linked to canine aggression. So much animal news!

And of course, tour questions! New Years Resolutions, why retractable leashes are so bad, and Eve has a question for Efrem!

59. Puppy Bail Theory

I gotta admit, I like that chair.

I gotta admit, I like that chair.

We’re back and as full of news for your pets as ever! We appreciate your patience. Now on to the animals!

We make up for missing an episode with a bunch of news. To start, there’s another dog food recall, so be sure to check if your food is on the list.

In some better news out of the FDA, there’s a new drug approved to help treat dogs with anxiety.

And a report out of the UK shows that Breed Specific Legislation caused the deaths of hundreds on innocent dogs. (The picture on that story doesn’t really do much to help the problem, does it?)

Finally, Florida is trying to figure out what to do with all those greyhounds we mentioned last episode, and an Ikea in Italy is really taking the Christmas spirit to heart and allowing stray dogs to hang out in the store and on the furniture. Yes, there’s a video too.

And your questions!

  • My dog has dry skin, do I need to buy the fancy products from the vet?

  • My pet doesn’t know it’s the holidays, don’t buy her my gifts!

And how to secure your Christmas tree to make sure the cat won’t take it down.

54. Spiders! Theory

In this episode we talk a lot about spiders in the news and on twitter. And we discuss this year’s Ig Nobel winner in Anthropology who studied chimps and humans at the zoo.

Plus, we give advice for a cabin-fevered dog during a hurricane . . . and just where should your dog go to the bathroom when you aren't allowed outside? 

Hey guys, what comes after Monkey see… Monkey do…?

51. Déjà vu all over again Theory

Summer kinkajou—happen so fast

Summer kinkajou—happen so fast

This week, we're looking back at some of your favorite questions, along with an encore presentation* of our interview with the Senior Keeper at the Carolina Tiger Rescue. 

  • Can I compost my dog's poo?

  • What do I do about my dog hating it's collar?

  • Is my cat a sadist?

  • How can I tell if my dog is panting or smiling?

While you're here, please check out the Carolina Tiger Rescue's Amazon Wish List and get them something fun, like essentials oils for animal enrichment or giant plastic tubs so they can make bloodsicles to help the cats keep cool in the hot summer months. 

We'll be back with an all-new episode next week!

*that means a rerun


49. Ripple Theory

Sun bear working on his sun tan

Sun bear working on his sun tan

This week, we talk about training people (surgeons, no less) with dog clickers, the ASPCA rehabbing "unadoptable" dogs, and if humans are causing animals to be more nocturnal. And dingos and their fences, changing the landscapes of Australia. 

And we answer your questions:
Is this dog depressed?
How do you handle hot spots?

And we wrap up with some more tips for walking your dog in the dog days of ugh nevermind forget I just wrote that.


48. Digression Theory

Fig 1.: Pre-modern pit bull

Fig 1.: Pre-modern pit bull

This week, we have News for Dogs, and then some . . . 

Plus, your questions:

  • Can I make my own dog food?

  • What are the air-lock rules at the dog run?

  • And can I throw my cat a birthday party?

And like dogs to water, we talk about some swimming and water tips for you and your dog.


47.5 Interruption Theory

Sorry for no real episode this week, but Efrem went to HerosCon instead. Check out these great drawings of Olive Oyl that he had commissioned! 

Top row: Matt Kindt, Kyle Starks, Katie Skelly and Michel Fiffe

Bottom row: Chuck Forsman, Christopher Mitten, Keith Giffen, and Evan Dorkin

We'll be back with a new full episode next week! Promise. 

47. Billionaire Buffalo Theory

Hoard focus

Hoard focus

This episode, we discuss a squirrel and its new pinecone stash, the lesser long-nosed bat being taken off the endangered species list, a new Guam kingfisher born at the Smithsonian, and do "emotional support" animals even provide any benefits

And your questions about gentrification and fancy dog food, and the best way to find an adoptable dog when you have a small kid.

Then, Eve tells us how to help our dogs take a bath this summer.