76. Chimp Recognition Theory

Drawing of Olive Oyl by Ben Sears

Drawing of Olive Oyl by Ben Sears

With Efrem having other things to do this weekend, we bring you a News for Dogs special episode—and we have some great ones for you pups!

First: It’s true—some parents do like their cats better than their own children.

Then: Scientist spending time playing hide and seek with rats! What could possibly go wrong?

And then: a vaccine for cat allergies? Sounds too good to be true…

Plus, a use for facial recognition that we can all get in front of. And last but not least, we cover an update out of Chevy Chase, MD.

75. Mystery Sock Theory

Visible Flyballer

Visible Flyballer

This week, Eve has a little freak out about the some of the National Dog Day coverage. But first, the national news story about a tiny dog park in Maryland and its discontents.  And is the future of pet food just a bunch of maggots?

Plus, your questions:

How do I stop the “excited pees” ?

And what is my dog telling me when he leaves stuff for me to find?

Oh, and for those who read all this way, here’s what Flyball is supposed to look like.

73. Birds Just Want To Have Fun Theory

<< To drop off your Florida turtles, simply go to the primate Zoo and ring at the door. >>

<< To drop off your Florida turtles, simply go to the primate Zoo and ring at the door. >>

We took a quick month off and are back with episode 73, full of some great news and lightning-fast questions!

Starting with…the important new results of the FDAs investigation into DCM and grain-free diets. (Here’s the list of the brands and the full report.)

Some new training tech for dogs: haptic-style vests so you can communicate with your dog over long and noisy distances.

GOATS! And what they’re talking about to each other, and how they’re feeling about it. And last, a new study into Snowball the dancing cockatoo and all his fly moves.

Plus Eve answers some questions Efrem made up in a pure jet-legged mode! Do you correct someone who has their animals harness on wrong? What’s up with pet turtles in Lyon? Can you feed fish and birds bread? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Et puis-je caresser votre chien?

72. Ramifications Theory



This episode, we’ve got some ways for all you cat parents to help contribute to cat science! Then, find out what your cats are doing all day—just “resting,” or something far more sinister? Probably just resting.

Plus, a warning about long-range ball throwers and your dog’s joints. And finally, sheep breeders in the UK seem to have a ram issue that has nothing to do with their memory.

Onto your questions!

How can I tell when it’s too hot on the pavement for my dog’s paws?
Any suggestions for having your dog run off-leash when you can’t set up a fence.

And in Beyond Sit, we teach our dogs how to Treibball!

And don’t forget! The deadline is approaching! Help your cat do science!

71. Summer Jamz Theory


We’ve got a summer themed clip show for you today, rounding up some of our most useful previous summer issues all in one easy spot:

Helping your dog out with separation anxiety, fireworks and other loud noises, getting walks in when the days get too hot, and tips for bathing and swimming with your dog.

We’ll have a regular episode in two weeks, so get your questions in now—and have you started following us on Instagram yet? Because we’ve got some real good behind the scenes stuff going on here.

70. Homeward Bound Theory

Oh where oh where can my owner be?

Oh where oh where can my owner be?

We talk this week about what makes a dog person (and a missing twin!).
A reminder to not use retractable leashes—if you won’t listen to Eve, how about the British Society for Surgery of the Hand?
Plus, some actual (super promising!) science on dog seizures and CBD.
And two new vaccines help American bats survive White-nose syndrome!

Plus! Efrem found a lost dog—hear how he reunited it with its owners for some tips you can use!

Finally, check out our previous Episode 16 for even more mockingbird calls.

67. Finn the Dog Theory

There are so many dogs named Finn out there making news this week. From Finn the British hero police dog getting his law passed to Finn the very good bat dog out in Las Vegas just trying to do his job. C’mon ump, don’t be such a bum!

We also talk about whether cats even care that you named them, a reminder on the importance of microchipping and tagging your dog, and a study looking into elephant milk!

All this, plus your questions! Just how do I get all this pet hair off of me? And is CBD A-OK?

And it was just National Dog Bite prevention week, we have tips!

66.5 — Bonus News for Dogs!

I’m just a puppy of a puppy of a

I’m just a puppy of a puppy of a

Hey folks, we had a news story that was too long to fit in last week’s episode, but too damn weird to leave out—so here it is for your listening pleasure!

We’ll be back next week with more animal news and answers to your pet questions.

65.5—The Iditarod Special!

As promised, here's our Iditarod special—9 days of high-tension arctic racing, boiled down to 20 minutes of talk by two people who've never been to Alaska, delivered 3 weeks late!

Stay tuned for an exciting listen into a world of dog bickering, sous-vide pizza, and slushy mud. Lots of mud. 

65. British Westminster Theory

Just woke up looking this good.

Just woke up looking this good.

Today, we cover the news out of Crufts 2019, especially the agility star Kratu! And we talk about all the bats hanging out at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

Plus, we answer some great questions about how to get new sibling pups from rasslin’ all. of. the. time. And answer a bunch of philosophical bee questions from the Phil and Metz from Alzabo Soup.

Oh, and go back and listen to episode 29 for more information about pedestal training (or as we refered to it then, “platform training”), and come back later next week for our Iditarod 2019 special!

64. Eminent Dogmain Theory

Greater Edda and Lesser Edda

Greater Edda and Lesser Edda

On episode 64 we bring you a shorter episode due to us both getting a horrible flu last week. But we had to bring you the story of Edda and the people of Ahlen town.

Plus Eve does give some tips on improving your young dog’s focus on their walks. So that way they stop walking into lampposts.

61. Dainty Towel Theory

Above: Tony “Eye Twitch” Hawk

Above: Tony “Eye Twitch” Hawk

Welcome to an all new episode talking about animal science that isn't happening because of the government shutdown in News for Dogs: from counts of humpback whales still happening in Hawaii without the help of NOAA, to wolves and moose not being counted because they can't get to Isle Royale, and even a baby brown pelican and owl can't get the health care that they need. 

Plus an organic pest control secret to one woman's Christmas tree, a Miracle Puppy!, and a study that looks into if gut bacteria can be linked to canine aggression. So much animal news!

And of course, tour questions! New Years Resolutions, why retractable leashes are so bad, and Eve has a question for Efrem!