51. Déjà vu all over again Theory

Summer kinkajou—happen so fast

Summer kinkajou—happen so fast

This week, we're looking back at some of your favorite questions, along with an encore presentation* of our interview with the Senior Keeper at the Carolina Tiger Rescue. 

  • Can I compost my dog's poo?

  • What do I do about my dog hating it's collar?

  • Is my cat a sadist?

  • How can I tell if my dog is panting or smiling?

While you're here, please check out the Carolina Tiger Rescue's Amazon Wish List and get them something fun, like essentials oils for animal enrichment or giant plastic tubs so they can make bloodsicles to help the cats keep cool in the hot summer months. 

We'll be back with an all-new episode next week!

*that means a rerun


49. Ripple Theory

Sun bear working on his sun tan

Sun bear working on his sun tan

This week, we talk about training people (surgeons, no less) with dog clickers, the ASPCA rehabbing "unadoptable" dogs, and if humans are causing animals to be more nocturnal. And dingos and their fences, changing the landscapes of Australia. 

And we answer your questions:
Is this dog depressed?
How do you handle hot spots?

And we wrap up with some more tips for walking your dog in the dog days of ugh nevermind forget I just wrote that.


48. Digression Theory

Fig 1.: Pre-modern pit bull

Fig 1.: Pre-modern pit bull

This week, we have News for Dogs, and then some . . . 

Plus, your questions:

  • Can I make my own dog food?

  • What are the air-lock rules at the dog run?

  • And can I throw my cat a birthday party?

And like dogs to water, we talk about some swimming and water tips for you and your dog.


47.5 Interruption Theory

Sorry for no real episode this week, but Efrem went to HerosCon instead. Check out these great drawings of Olive Oyl that he had commissioned! 

Top row: Matt Kindt, Kyle Starks, Katie Skelly and Michel Fiffe

Bottom row: Chuck Forsman, Christopher Mitten, Keith Giffen, and Evan Dorkin

We'll be back with a new full episode next week! Promise. 

47. Billionaire Buffalo Theory

Hoard focus

Hoard focus

This episode, we discuss a squirrel and its new pinecone stash, the lesser long-nosed bat being taken off the endangered species list, a new Guam kingfisher born at the Smithsonian, and do "emotional support" animals even provide any benefits

And your questions about gentrification and fancy dog food, and the best way to find an adoptable dog when you have a small kid.

Then, Eve tells us how to help our dogs take a bath this summer. 



45. Spring Awakening Theory

Heart of Poot

Heart of Poot

This episode, we're all about it finally being springtime!

We answer your questions about helping your anxious dog cope with thunderstorms, and long road trips with your best friend.

Plus news about some catty dog owners in Tribeca. And spring health tips about fleas, ticks and heartworms. 

Oh, and here's the car seat belt tether that we mentioned on this episode.

44. Lie Down with Dogs Theory

Even Olive is all sacked out from our anniversary.

Even Olive is all sacked out from our anniversary.

As a special Anniversary Edition of the show, we're devoting the whole episode to this fascinating Washington Post story about the weird, co-dependent relationship that's sprung up between two unlikely groups—dog breeders and dog rescues. The internet makes for strange kennel-fellows.

We'll be back next week with more of your pet questions!

43. "Dogs of a Feather" Theory

Just a dog dressed as a parrot? Or a  parrot  dressed as a dog dressed as a parrot? (Okay probably the first one.)

Just a dog dressed as a parrot? Or a parrot dressed as a dog dressed as a parrot? (Okay probably the first one.)

It's #NationalPetDay and we're back with an all-new episode!

This week, we talk about African greys imitating a pack of dogs, cleaning up after your dogs (and not leaving it for nature), sound-conditioned animal shelters, and a tribute for a local fallen k9 hero. 

And your questions! 

  • Are homeless pets a con?

  • My dog growls at me when I try to take trash out of its mouth!

  • And how do I get my mutt to make that cute face again?

Then we wrap up by teaching our our pups to give themselves a mani-pedi.

42. Overlap Theory


Sorry for the delay, but one's was worth the wait!

All this, plus your questions: What do you do when the vet says "don't worry about it" . . . but you still worry about it? And does overlapping dogs help kids cope?

Finally, we teach our dogs how to wipe their paws before they come inside. How nice of them!

41. Streisand Theory

So not a photo of Barbara Streisand's dog.

So not a photo of Barbara Streisand's dog.

A nice long show to take you through the next massive snow storm, with an all-new batch of questions and stories. 

  • Cloning dogs—science fiction or science MADNESS??

  • How do I take care of my girlfriend's anxious dog?

Plus, an update on that dog food recall (seriously, don't buy Gravy Train or Kibbles'n'Bits), some new rules at CruftsDARPA scanning the pelagic depths for enemy intelligence, and foxes and coyotes, man, living in harmony, thanks to our garbage.

All this, with just time enough to squeeze in a new trick: teaching your dog directions.

40. Year of the Dog Theory

Gong Hey Fat Chow-chow!

Gong Hey Fat Chow-chow!

I an episode chock full of animal news, we end up discussing the logic of the Disney universe, salmonella—a lot—and an auspicious start to the Year of the Dog.  

We also answer questions about doggy escape artists, safe leftovers, and argue a bit about chickens.

37. The Jesus Lizard Theory

We were gonna go with the frozen lizards, but they were just too sad.

We were gonna go with the frozen lizards, but they were just too sad.

In this episode, we talk about new dog breeds, dogs and cat working together (mass hysteria!), some new ways for dogs to use their art history degrees, and of course, frozen iguanas!

And as always, your questions:

  • Could my dog be going senile?

  • Can I get a little privacy in my studio apartment please?

Plus, a Beyond Sit for the human in your life: How to Be a Tree!


Oh, and watch these amazing herding dogs a-herding!

36. Tilapia Theory

You'll never take me alive, copper!

You'll never take me alive, copper!

In this episode, we have news of a rescued mountain lion in California, randy mice (and how you can hear 1600 hours of their sultry singing), and a video of a squirrel on the run from the law

Plus your questions on tougher dog toys, cat people vs. dog people, and helping out a kitties' self-confidence. 

Finally, here's a round up of our favorite animal charities:

35. Gratuity Theory

Kongratulations to Kano!

Kongratulations to Kano!

This week, we answer all your holiday tipping and winter-dog-walking questions! Plus .  . . 

As always, please remember to write us a review on your podcatcher of choice. What a nice Christmas gift that would be!